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What are the benefits of a home energy assessment?
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Lower Bills - Making simple upgrades can help make your home more energy efficient, which can result in lower energy bills.  This means you have more disposable income.

Comfort - The more efficient your home is, the better sealed it is against the outdoors. Reducing drafts will help your home feel more comfortable.

Health A home that is energy efficient is also healthier for its inhabitants because air sealing will keep out unwanted insects, rodents, dust, and moisture.

Preventative Maintenance - Your assessment could help identify things that, if they’re not addressed, could lead to big problems down the road. For example, improper insulation could lead to mold or mildew. A home energy assessment can help you stop these problems before they start.

Good for the Environment - A home that wastes less energy uses less energy, which is better for both your pocketbook and the environment. Approximately 16% of all greenhouse gases in the U.S. come from homes. Energy efficiency is one of the easiest ways to lower your carbon footprint and go green!

Save on Improvements - No matter what improvements you decide to make, there are thousands of dollars available in rebates and incentives. That’s a save-save situation, and that sounds like a win-win!

A Safer Home - A home energy assessment will identify potential safety concerns, such as gas leaks, a clogged dryer vent, or moisture issues and give you the information or tools you need to address these issues.

Higher Value, Better Investment - Should you ever sell your home, a better investment for you is a better investment for prospective buyers. More and more, “Energy Efficient Homes” are sought after by prospective buyers.

Energy Security – Improvements in energy efficiency can lead to reduced demand for energy, improving our national security.