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Making Energy Work
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Thank you for attending Making Energy Work 2016!


Making Energy Work 2016

At Making Energy Work (MEW) October 3-4, 2016, North Carolina stakeholders unanimously agreed that the energy landscape is changing; they also agreed that we should be deliberate in planning for an uncertain future.  A consensus energy vision will help us efficiently realize the potential of North Carolina's energy economy and ensure an energy landscape that appropriately balances cleanliness, affordability, reliability, security, safety, and resilience.  All six of these goals require collaboration with the utilities, consumers, and the clean energy industry alike.
With a shared energy vision for our state, stakeholders become motivated to elevate energy out of the political arena. MEW offered insights as to why a vision is needed now. First, North Carolina has the opportunity to be globally competitive in advanced energy technology sectors.  Second, the number of North Carolinians experiencing new energy options is growing each year as prices offered by non-utility companies continue to decline.  And finally, the laws and rules governing our regulated utilities limit the utility's options to cost-competitively offer customers newer technologies and services directly or as part of their regular service. All three of these forces are causing an important divergence between the utility, the energy industry, and the customers they serve.

NCSEA thanks each of you that engaged with us on making energy work in North Carolina.  We want to continue the dialogue with you on an energy paradigm that benefits all North Carolina stakeholders.


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