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Our Issues
From emerging technology innovations to regulatory rulings that impact ratepayers, NCSEA is North Carolina’s resource for all things clean energy. Our team comprises the knowledge and insights needed to digest, discern and seize opportunities in clean energy, including those involving:

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency and high performance buildings
  • Energy storage
  • Intelligent grid systems
  • Electric vehicles

NCSEA strives to cultivate a thriving clean energy ecosystem by elevating North Carolina's position as a clean energy technology, policy and market leader. This organizational mission is fulfilled through internal and external engagement with the following stakeholder groups:

  • NCSEA Staff - Success must happen from the inside. By supporting NCSEA staff members to first succeed in teams, the collective success of our efforts as an organization is maximized.
  • NCSEA Members - NCSEA is first and foremost a membership organization. All projects must serve the needs of our members. This requires a two-way dialogue.
  • Energy Businesses - North Carolina is the beneficiary of a vibrant, circular clean energy economy. NCSEA recognizes its continued success is relies on contributions from the diverse businesses driving both the clean energy supply chain and the deployment of those goods and services.
  • Energy Providers - Our future will be increasingly powered by clean energy. NCSEA can and must enable both emerging and traditional power providers to be successful in the interim transition period, as well as in the long-term. Our primary focus is on the clean energy industry and utilities.
  • Energy Customers - An energy future that is increasingly powered by clean energy is beneficial to every electric ratepayer in the state. Our communications should always point back to this mutually beneficial vision.
  • Policymakers - NCSEA acts as a bipartisan resource and advocate for clean energy at both the NC General Assembly and the NC Utilities Commission. Our involvement in the legislative and regulatory spaces is measured, proactive and collaborative.

We envision a future where North Carolina’s clean energy economy leads the nation and serves as a model for other states. Together with our membership, NCSEA is blazing the path toward this vision, where the possibilities and benefits for our state and local economies are endless, including:

  • Economic development opportunities
  • More affordable consumer bills
  • Job growth
  • Market exports
  • Local tax base expansion
  • Improved quality of life and business climate

Our goal is to cultivate a robust clean energy ecosystem that unifies and benefits all of its stakeholders: consumers, businesses, the clean energy industry and utility energy providers.

Who We Are
The NC Sustainable Energy Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization of individuals, businesses, government and nonprofits interested in North Carolina's sustainable energy future. NCSEA is the leading North Carolina nonprofit devoted to leading public policy change and driving market development in ways that will create clean energy jobs and lower electric rates in the long-term.

What We Do
Founded in 1978, NCSEA works every day to support and attract clean energy jobs, economic opportunities and affordable energy to benefit North Carolina. Today, our Raleigh-based team of clean energy advisors, analysts and advocates works closely with policymakers, consumers and industry leaders to research, inspire and affect clean energy progress statewide.