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Solar Template Ordinance

North Carolina is rapidly becoming a leader in solar energy development not only in the southeast, but also in the US. Before the template, there was statewide discussion about how to regulate and permit solar energy systems, and no clear guide to creating one that does not overly burden industry or irresponsibly manage land use. 

July 2016


    NCSEA Membership Overview

Who we are and What we do at NCSEA

June 2016

    City of Raleigh Renewable Energy Overview

As energy costs steadily increase over time, it is vital that Raleigh continue to maintain and further enhance its robust and stable infrastructure and economy to meet its growing needs. In addition, the City of Raleigh’s Strategic Plan points toward maintaining and improving the qualities that make Raleigh an outstanding city 

May 2016
      Myth v Facts of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Solar energy is the most rapidly growing renewable energy resource in North              Carolina. This past year solar PV development grew by over 30%, the 2nd highest     rate in the country. This boom in new energy infrastructure has triggered public           curiosity and even concern regarding potential health effects.                                       

April 2016
      Solar PV Magnetic Field Facts

March 2016
      Levelized Cost of Solar Photovoltaics in North Carolina

February 2016

    Threshold Issue for Landowner Solar Leasing

Developers of photovoltaic (PV) solar projects are approaching farmers with increasing frequency with proposals to lease agricultural land for solar farm purposes. Farmland is particularly desirable to solar PV developers because there are generally no, or low, clearing costs.

February 2016

    Guide to Solar in My Community

January 2016
       Running the Grid on Electric Vehicles
January 2016
      North Carolina's Clean Energy Economy 
May 2016 
      Clean Energy Misunderstood 
November 2015
      Batteries Not Included: Identifying and Approaching Barriers to Batteries on the Grid
September 2015
       North Carolina's Geothermal Industry: Uncovering Impact and Opportunities 
September  2015
      Understanding the Impact of Electric Choices on North Carolina Residential Electricity Rates and Bills
May 2015
      Economic and Rate Impact Analysis of Clean Energy Development in North Carolina
Summary Findings
2015 Update
      Economic Impact of Analysis of Clean Energy Development in North Carolina
April 2014
      Clean Cities 2014 Vehicle Buyer's Guide
December 2014
      The Economic, Utility Portfolio, and Rate Impact of Clean Energy Development in North Carolina
      A Consumer's Guide: Heat Your Water with the Sun
December 2013
      The Benefits and Costs of Solar Generation for Electric Ratepayers in North Carolina
October 2013
      A Citizen's Guide: The North Carolina Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard, 3rd Edition

DOE 2012 Renewable Energy Data Book

      Motivations and Behaviors of Solar PV and Geothermal System Owners in North Carolina

    North Carolina Clean Energy Data Book
      Understanding the Impact of Electric Generation Choices on North Carolina Residential Electricity Rates
November 2011
      Analysis of a Renewable Portfolio Standard for the State of North Carolina
      Analysis of a Renewable Portfolio Standard for the State of North Carolina
      Small Wind Electric Systems: A North Carolina Consumer's Guide
May 2005