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TEAM Coastal
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Thank you for choosing to support the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) when you joined Coastal Federal Credit Union. Through our partnership, NCSEA and Coastal Federal Credit Union are working together to help you save money by making smart energy choices. 

NCSEA develops broad, fact-based community understanding and support for North Carolina's clean energy resources through consumer education, promoting economic development, and public policy initiatives. As a member, you have access to resources and tools that serve to:

  • Help you lower your utility bills with items such as do-it-yourself guides, newsletters, and information on available rebates. 

  • Empower you to make the right choices when selecting energy services and products. Connect you with others who are making smart energy decisions just like yourself. 
  • Help you become a part of a growing community that is creating jobs and providing affordable energy to all North Carolinians. 

Your NCSEA Membership benefits: Stay connected, stay informed, stay engaged!

  1. Download your NCSEA MEMBER PACKET
  2. Check out additional NCSEA MEMBER BENEFITS
  3. Lower your utility bills with ENERGY EFFICIENCY RESOURCES for homeowners and renters such as do-it-yourself guides, newsletters, and information on available rebates.
  4. Complete this very short MEMBER SURVEY so we can learn more about you, your home, and how we can develop tools and resources designed to meet your needs and interests.
  5. Sign your home up with TEAM (Transformation of Energy Assessments and Management). TEAM offers residents a unique tool to help you better understand your energy use and where improvements can be made. By collecting and analyzing utility data and providing resources to make improvements on your home's energy performance, TEAM helps you control what you spend.  
  6. Find clean energy businesses and industry experts near you by searching this CONTRACTOR DIRECTORY, provided by HomeEnergyNC, and by using NCSEA's BUSINESS MEMBER DIRECTORY.
Who We Are

NCSEA is the leading nonprofit in North Carolina devoted to growing renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities for North Carolinians. By working together, we can continue to build a sustainable energy future for many generations to come!

Our programs, educational & marketing materials, and events serve as vehicles to educate our members on the value of clean energy while broadening awareness of and support for clean energy in North Carolina. Our members and partners represent a diverse network of clean energy stakeholders which include individuals, businesses, industry experts, utilities, colleges and universities, and decision-makers who are committed inspiring clean energy progress statewide. 

Thank you from Coastal Federal Credit Union and NCSEA!
We look forward to learning more about you and partnering to "make energy work" for North Carolina! 
If you need assistance, please contact NCSEA at with the subject line "Question: CFCU NCSEA member".