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TEAM Spirit
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TEAM Spirit -  Assisting Faith Communities in Achieving Greater Energy Efficiency 

Welcome to TEAM Spirit, a collaborative program with NC faith communities, NC Interfaith Power and Light, and NC Sustainable Energy Association.

We provide a portfolio of services that educate and empower NC congregations about energy use, efficiency, and their relationship with their utility providers. This program incorporates tools, resources, utility data collection and analysis, and energy advisor services to educate and empower congregations to take action, reduce energy use, and save money. We will give you a professional perspective on how your building uses energy and provide you with educational material about low and no-­cost changes your congregation can make to reduce its carbon footprint and utility bills. 

How to Get Involved:

Register your congregation's utilities with TEAM Spirit - Register HERE

  • How to Register (see below)

For more info on NCIPL‘s Energy Savings Analysis Program, click here.



How to Register with TEAM Spirit

Look at your congregation’s latest utility bill and find the account number.

If you do not have an online account with the utility provider, you will need to create one. (This will not change how you get your bills. If you get them in the mail, creating an online account will not change this.)

Go to and create an account:

1.  Fill in the information under “Get Started Easily” (Remember your password).

2. Agree to the Terms of Use at the bottom and click “Join”.  If the account was created successfully, you should immediately receive an email from ResiSpeak titled “Registration Confirmation". Open this email and click the link in the email to confirm your account.

3. Return to and click on “Sign In” in top right corner.

4. Upon logging on for the first time, a Welcome box with a set-up wizard should appear. If it does not appear, click the black down arrow in the top right and select "Wizard". Follow the instructions in the Wizard.

5. Click "Add a Congregation” and complete the requested information.

6. Click on your congregation when you are back on the profile page and then click "Add a Utility" below. Select your utilities one at a time by entering your username and password that you use to log into your online utility account. (Again, if you do not have an online account, please first go to your utility's home page to create an account with your utility.)  

PLEASE add ELECTRIC and, if your congregation has it, GAS.  We can not evaluate your congregation's energy efficiency if only one of the utilities is included.

(If you do not see your congregation's utility on this list, select "Add a New Utility", and enter the utility name along with your username and password.)

Wait a few minutes for the data to load. The status should say “In Queue” or “Pending”, then, “Started”, and then “Successful”. Once you see "Successful" next to your utility account(s), then your account is good to go. If you see a message that says "Invalid Credential", please recheck your username and password.


Please explore your data now ... AND OFTEN! Check out your congregation's Dashboard, Consumption, Compare, Ranking, and more!

For assistance in registering, please view our FAQ and Online Tutorial. If you still have questions, you may contact us at and put “TEAM Spirit Assistance” in the memo line.




Wild Goose Festival
July 7 – 10
Hot Springs, NC – 36 miles from Asheville

Join NCIPL Leadership Council members & NC Council of Churches staff 
at the Wild Goose Festival to look at the stories that shape us and shape our world. 
Contact for details.

A Sustainable Race
Opening New Streams of Justice in our Environmental and Food Systems

September 16 - September 17, 2016
Franklinton Center at Bricks
281 Southbend Lane, Whitakers

Contact for details on how to register for this important day and a half workshop.


About Transformation of Energy and Assessment Management (TEAM)

In our continued effort to support and inform energy policies, NCSEA members, and the energy industry, NCSEA is engaging in a utility data research project called TEAM (Transformation of Energy Assessment and Management). Your participation in this initiative will enable NCSEA to gain valuable insights into residential energy usage, research the impact of energy efficiency measures, and identify best practices for energy efficiency programs. 

Consider Joining NCSEA (Special TEAM Spirit rate!)